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  • Bricks—The Terror of Treblinka  (2019)
    Authors: Chuck Stewart and Wolfgang Klotz
    Genre — Horror
    Synopsis: At the end of World War II, most Nazi concentration camps were completely destroyed, and all evidence of their existence scraped from the ground. Treblinka was notorious for the number of people exterminated in the gas chambers and cremated in its ovens, yet its existence was completely erased. Think of the horror these bricks witnessed and the innocent souls they now possess!

    Bricks and other materials from the concentration camps were used for rebuilding Germany after the war. They were used in building, bridges, roads, and more. Bricks take place in 1983— fifty years after Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany at a small and isolated brick building that is used as a dance studio. Many strange happenings occur on the anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power that lead to a battle between good and evil with the dancers caught in the crossfire. The ghosts of tortured souls haunt the bricks; some seeking revenge and all seeking justice.
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  • Marie’s Nutcracker (2015)
    Genre — Musical, Comedy, Dance, Christmas
    A fresh new approach to the timeless classic — The Nutcracker. A grand mix of comedy, animation, dance, and magic to the most popular Nutcracker tunes. Sure to become a new Christmas classic with years of residuals.
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  • Hey Flipper! (2005)
    Genre — Drama, Teen Comedy, Surfing
    High school graduating seniors go on one final road trip to favorite California surfing locations before going their own way. A terrible accident to one of the boys becomes a factor in helping the other boys to find meaning in their lives.
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  • Mega Star (2004)
    Genre — Drama, Gay
    Young male movie mega-star wants to come out gay. His agent, studio, and parents advise him not to. Blackmail leads our hero to discover deep family secrets that force his hand to come out during the Academy Awards.
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  • Return of Gort (2002)
    Genre — SciFi, Comedy, Gender-Bending
    Farcical gender-bending contemporary science-fiction sequel to the 1951 classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Androgynous teen aliens land on the Washington Mall during gay pride event and everything goes wrong. Hysterical.
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  • Roswell (2006)
    Genre — SciFi, Musical
    Discovery that our protagonists were abducted by aliens and must return to Roswell NM to discover the truth.
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