The Nutcracker LTD ProjectThe Nutcracker Ltd. Project
The Nutcracker Ltd. Project

The Nutcracker Ltd. project is a reimagining of the classic Nutcracker story into a modern two-film package franchise where all production costs AND initial profit is provided through built-in tie-in advertising.

The classic Nutcracker story is seen by millions of Americans each December in dance productions mounted in cities big and small, and on TV. The story is now brought to life in two movies and is up-to-date following current trends in music and media, and situated in a shopping mall setting such that it becomes an advertising powerhouse. The classic story is told in a manner that is culturally and gender diverse, and reflects the values of inclusion, tolerance, and social progress.

This unique offering provides major retailers an opportunity to 'advertise' their brand and products for minutes within the context of the story line/film. This level of AD SPACE or PRODUCT PLACEMENT is truly unique. For example, APPLE may want its store and products used for Act 1, or SEES CANDIES may want its products to be associated with the “Chocolate” dance, or Abercrombie and Fitch may want to be associated with the “Arabian” dance, and so on. Each number will be performed in the store front/interior/exterior of retailer’s choice and include some of its iconic merchandise. The different musical numbers have a dual function as integral parts of the larger story and also as distinct creative opportunities, which can be adapted and revised over time as corporate affiliations and cultural trends evolve.

Not only do advertisers receive minutes of on-screen time in the two movies, but the movies should play on TV for decades thereby giving advertisers repeated exposure. Advertising revenue should completely pay for the production of the two movies and generate significant profit BEFORE they are even released. Theater ticket sales and TV rights should bring additional profit over the next decade.

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